Credit checking – making confident decisions about a business, for your business

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Credit checking is not just for banks and lenders. Unless you get paid up front, you are providing your customers with credit. By not knowing who you are working with, you could miss vital information that will affect their ability to pay you. Business Check gives you quick and simple access to online business reports and director information from as little as €3.00.

With online business reports and director information, you can:

Know who you’re dealing with

  • • By checking your customers
  • • By checking the people behind a business
  • • By checking your suppliers

Get paid on time

  • • By knowing if a company is financially stable
  • • By seeing a company’s credit rating
  • • By finding out how quickly a business pays its invoices

Protect your business

  • • By continually monitoring a customer with instant alerts
  • • By getting text or email notifications to changes to director and financial status
  • • By taking immediate action when a company’s ability to pay you changes


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