Q: What reports can I buy from Business Check?

The Full report is available for Limited and Non-limited businesses. You can purchase only the sections you need by using the build your own report section instead.

Q: What is included in the full report?

  • •Company Legal & Trading Details
  • •Company Details
  • •CRO lodged Documents
  • •Corporate & Management Information
  • •Financial Information
  • •History, Press and Previous Search information
  • •Legal Notices and Payment Data

Q: How can you tell if a risk score is so poor that credit should not be provided?

The scores are banded by the analysis and the report will clearly indicate to clients which band the score falls into.

Q: What is Payment Performance information & how does it affect Experian scores

Experian manage a substantial payment data sharing programme where provider’s sales ledgers are matched against Experian’s commercial databases. Credit scores will be negatively impacted by businesses that pay beyond due dates, have outstanding unpaid accounts or have had their accounts placed for collection. Prompt payment behaviour can have positive effects on scores. Where the influence of the payment data has been significant, text will appear in the credit opinion section of the report making reference to this.

Q: Why can't I see accounts for Non-limited businesses?

Non-limited businesses are not required to file any documentation, financial or otherwise at the CRO, therefore you will not see a Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss information included in Non-limited reports.

Q: When I search for a business name, different companies come up in the search results?

When a search is carried out is also searches trading names of that company, so the results you might be seeing is the limited company for that trading name.

Q: How are the credit ratings and risk scores calculated?

The credit ratings and risk scores are created by applying statistically proven scoring models to the data held about a business. The credit rating is the average monthly exposure that is recommended. The risk score predicts the likelihood of a company failing in the next 12 months (the lower the score out of 100, the higher the risk).

Q: How are companies that are yet to file any financial information at CRO scored?

Director information can be highly predictive in this type of scoring environment along with Payment Performance data, Court Judgments and delays in publishing the first set of accounts. There are other influential factors such as the age of a company and whether a company is a subsidiary of an established parent..

Q: Can I view a report on screen without saving it and return to view it later on that day?

Your report will be also sent to your email address supplied during purchase so you will always have it stored in your email inbox.

Q: What reports can I buy from Ireland Company Reports?

For Limited and Non-limited businesses, there are two levels of reports available; a Full report and a ‘Build Your Own’ report.

Q: How can I contact Experian?

To contact an Experian representative, you can either send them an emailing info@experian.ie or call (01) 846 9200.

Q: How can I access my invoice?

A: the email sent with your report will suffice as an invoice.

Q: How can I access consumer reports?

This service is currently unavailable in Ireland.

Q: What methods of payment does Ireland Company Reports accept?

Ireland Company Reports accepts payment via the following credit and debit cards: Visa, Master card, Visa Debit and Laser.

Q: Can I buy a report on an International Company?

You can get international reports from Experian Ireland, however, currently International reports are not available via Ireland Company Reports. To order a report on an International Company please call (01) 846 9200.

Q: What should you do if you have a problem or experience difficulty?

You can either: 1. Contact us by email – info@experian.ie . Your email will be sent to an Experian representative who will respond to you within one working day. Otherwise you can call us on (01) 846 9200

Q: Are my credit card details secure?

This web site is on a secure server. Ireland Company Reports uses 3D Secure to provide additional payment protection. This includes the use of Verify by Visa for Visa transactions and SecureCode for MasterCard transactions.

Q: Does a previously ordered report automatically update?

A: No, when you buy a report it is set in time at the point of purchase. If you require an update to the report you will have to purchase one.

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